Who can advertise a job on our website?

As long as the job being advertised is a family office job, or a family office related job, it can be advertised on our website. This means that the following group can advertise a job on our website:
  • Family offices themselves
  • Service providers to family offices, such as banks, law firms, accountants and so on, who might internally want to hire for their teams who work with family offices
  • Service providers to family offices, who want to hire for the family offices they are working with
  • Headhunters and recruiters who have family office mandates

This a global website, with a global audience, and so we welcome family office jobs in all parts of the world from the US to Europe to Asia. We have plenty of candidates looking for Family Office Executive vacancies, in addition to the household and PA jobs.

How does it work?

A job can be advertised on our website for a 60-day period in the Family Office Vacancies section for £500+VAT (where applicable) per job.

We also promote the job in our e-newsletter, in our LinkedIn group, and on our Twitter page.

Upon completing the form below, we will contact you regarding your enquiry. We will then ask for the job description and check that it meets our criteria. If it does, an invoice will be issued, and we require payment upfront before the job is advertised.

Companies can include their logo should they wish. Family offices can advertise the job anonymously if they wish. Our only requirement is for an email address for job applications to be sent to.

You can also contact us directly at:

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